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The Engineers Without Borders chapter of Western Michigan University (EWB WMU) is currently working on designing a clean water system for the San Antonio de Upa community in Nicaragua. This system will impact an estimated 400 lives in the community and beyond, and will help the community greatly for generations to come. A team from EWB WMU has already traveled to the community on an assessment trip where we met with community members and collected data that has been used to plan a system that will be built on a future implementation trip.

The plan for the clean water system is to develop a local spring by building a springbox and piping the water to the community. At the community there will be a water filtration and storage system that will clean and store the water. The holding tanks will also have public taps so that members of the community can get their water from a centralized location in the community. Eventually, on a future implementation trip, the plan is to extend this system so that every household in the community will have a tap that they can use for all of their water needs.

Throughout the entire process, we have been in communication with the community and having their input regarding their needs has been a crucial aspect of our project.

As per the policies of the broader national Engineers Without Borders organization, our chapter is responsible for covering 95% of the costs for building the project. We need to gather this funding before we can take a team down to the community to help build the clean water system. It is estimated that we need to raise $15,000 in order to build the proposed system, and you can help us to reach that goal by making a 100% tax-deductible donation to our chapter. Your donation will be used to purchase all of the materials needed to build this system. Our chapter receives your entire donation using EWB’s donation service, and no donation is too small to help make a difference.


Those of us on the International Project Team and the San Antonio de Upa community would like to warmly thank you for taking the time to read about the project and for any donations that you choose to make.

An questions and inquiries to learn more about our international project can be emailed to our chapter and we will answer shortly!

San Antonio de Upa,


International Project Lead Contact: Emily Stypinski

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